through PAYPAL

Make a donation first by choosing the field that you desire and then writing your full name and the amount of donation. You can pay via PayPal or via Association’s bank account in the National Bank of Greece.

For covering the operating expenses of the Association, such as rent expenses, utility bills (electricity, water supply, phone bills), expenses for employees (secretary, translator, etc), consumables (office equipment, paper, inkjet, etc).
If 800 patients with CF decided to donate 2€ per month in the Association, there would be available the amount of 1600€ per month for covering all the operating expenses of the Association. That means that the Association would be able to hire 4 part time employees to cover all the needs. Therefore, we invite you to participate in this difficult task by donating 24€ per year or even a larger amount as you wish.

For supporting CF patients who are about to have lung transplantation abroad and are unable to cover the transplantation expenses, since a part of expenses is not covered by their insurance fund and since they have to prepay an amount.

For economic reinforcement of the tasks of the Association in all the fields. The economic reinforcement will be used for covering the needs of Association for this year, as decided and scheduled by the Board Management of the Association.

Covering the annual subscription as a member of the Association. As decided by the Management Board of the Association, the members’ annual subscription for 2015 is 25€.

For economic reinforcement of Association’s Projects for 2015, such as Physiotherapy at home, Platform for CF awareness and Donations E-Shop.

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Bank Account: 178/296005-21 IBAN: GR 7401101780000017829600521