Retirement HCFA TEAM February 16, 2023

Disability pension


IKA insured persons who are deemed by the Health Committees of IKA-ETAM to be disabled due to damage, illness or impairment of mental or physical health, according to the legislation, are entitled to a disability pension if they have completed the the minimum period of insurance required(here).

Public Sector

A regular civil servant who receives a monthly salary from the Public Treasury is entitled to a pension for life from the State if he or she is dismissed due to physical or mental incapacity not attributable to service and has completed at least 5 years actual pensionable service, regardless of age. (Government Gazette 165/7-10-1992, Article 3, Ν.2084/92)


The children of OGA insured persons who are unable to work with a disability rate of more than 67% due to a condition that will last for at least three (3) years are entitled to a disability pension. If they receive a welfare benefit, then the benefit must be lower than the OGA pension, otherwise only the OGA pension is paid. (Government Gazette 123/5-10-1982, article 5, Law 1237/1982 )

Full Old Age Pension

Private sector

Cystic fibrosis patients with a disability rate of at least 67% and those who have undergone a lung transplant are entitled to a full old-age pension,regardless of the age limit, if they have completed 15 years or 4,050 days of insurance in the insurance organisations under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. (Government Gazette 170/5-8-2011, article 37, par. 4, Ν. 3996/2011 and Government Gazette 170/5-8-2011 article 37, par. 4, Ν. 3996/2011)

Public Sector

Cystic fibrosis patients with a disability rate of at least 67% and those who have undergone a lung transplant are entitled to a full old-age pension regardless of the age limit, provided that they have completed 15 years full actual pensionable service. (Government Gazette A’235 /26-11-2020, article 45, Ν. 4756/2020 and Government Gazette 265/5-12-2006, article 3, paragraph 1, Law 3513/2006)

Full Old Age Pension for Parents, Spouses, Siblings

Parents of parents of disabled children, spouses and siblings of disabled patients are entitled to an old-age pension after 7,500 days of work or 25 years of insurance (actual or voluntary insurance time) from the date of affiliation to the insurance scheme. (Government Gazette 170/5-8-2011, article 37, paragraph 1, Law 3996/2011)

The retirement age is 55. For those who have completed 25 years of insurance up to 18/8/2015 and if it is established that the dependent family member was disabled up to that date, they are still eligible for retirement regardless of age. (Law 4336/2015, article 2, paragraph E, sub-paragraph E.3)

Work for Disability Pensioners

With the provisions of the new law

LAW 5078/2023 (OFFICIAL GAZETTE 211/20-12-2023)

 all disability pensioners are given the opportunity to work without reducing their pension, in order to encourage their reintegration into the labour marketOn the basis of Article 114 of the new law disability pensioners can work under the conditions of p. IKA and, in fact, without being charged with 10% deductions for EFKA.