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Hellenic Cystic Fibrosis Association mkrokos April 21, 2024

The Association was founded in 1983 by parents of young children with Cystic Fibrosis, at a time when the vast majority of patients died in childhood. Its mission is to provide all Cystic Fibrosis patients with what they lack most: Unlimited Breath.

During its 40 years of operation, the Association has changed the “map” of the disease in Greece. It has become one of the most recognized patient associations in Greece and abroad for its actions and work, improving the daily life and quality of life of patients and their families in our country. The changes were made with almost zero employees. They are the result of the volunteer efforts of trained patients and parents of board members, who for 4 decades have been selflessly daily many hours of their personal time for the common good of the whole community. ΣToday, Cystic Fibrosis is taking on a new face and transforming from a fatal to a chronically manageable disease. The Association continues its actions and work until a cure is discovered that will eliminate the disease definitively.

In this section you will find information about the mission, vision & values and history of the Association, the members of the Board & Scientific Committee, the partners, the Statutes, supporters and financial statements, as well as ways in which you can support the work of the Association.