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Greek Rock supports C.F. HCFA TEAM March 25, 2015

Greek Rock supports C.F.

Greek rock supports children with Cystic Fibrosis

“Our every breath, a step closer to our dreams”

On Friday 19 December at 21:00 we are waiting for you at a concert with big names of the Greek rock scene at KOOKOO to support children with cystic fibrosis.

Greek rock supports children with cystic fibrosis,


Thanos Anestopoulos
Kostas Parissis & Nikos Youssef
Frank Panx & Dimitris D.
Johnny Vavouras & Evdokia Rapti
FREE WALK / Giota Polytimi

From the first moment several artists of the Greek rock scene, but also the owner of the venue KOOKOO were sensitized and offered to participate selflessly in this event of social contribution to a group of young and dynamic children who dare to dream despite the serious disease they face.

The concert will take place in the framework of the “Each breath a step closer to our dreams” campaign, a coordinated group action to raise awareness about cystic fibrosis disease, the importance of prenatal screening, but at the same time to financially support the actions of the Hellenic Cystic Fibrosis Association.

All of us, the children with cystic fibrosis, are waiting for you at KOOKOO on Friday 19 December at 21.00.

*Items can be purchased at the entrance at the price of 7 euros.

PHOTO: The protagonists of the photo shoot are the patients themselves, Iliana, Giannis and Eleni, students at the Law, Computer and Drama Departments respectively. They are accompanied by NEKYIA, Kostas Parissis from Underground Streams, Frank Panx from Panx Romana, Johnny Vavouras and Evdokia Rapti.

Warm thanks apart from the participants to:

Nikos Tsambasis (sound engineer in the spot)

Nikos Tambas (speaker), Niki Tsampas (speaker of the spot); Panagiotis Lyberis (speakage of the spot)

Panana Lymbos (poster graphic designer); Panana Lymbos (poster designer); Eleftheria Kotsou (poster graphic designer)

Gerasimos Galiatsatos (poster painter)

NEKYIA STUDIOS (photography/recording/production of radio spot)

KOOKOO (live music bar)

For the poster of the event click here.

For the event spot on youtube click here.