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Ministry of Labour 21/10/2019 HCFA TEAM February 9, 2020

Ministry of Labour 21/10/2019

Meeting with the Ministry of Labour on pension issues for Cystic Fibrosis patients


Dear friends,

On Monday 21/10/2019 a meeting was held between the representatives of the Hellenic Cystic Fibrosis Association Mr. Dimitris Kontopidis, Ms. Anna Spinou and Mr. Vassilis Palios at the Ministry of Labour with the Secretary General of Social Security Ms. Pavlina Karasiotou, the Director Mr. Kostakos and the legal advisor Mr. Vrettos.

During the meeting, pension issues concerning Cystic Fibrosis patients were discussed. In particular, for reasons of equal treatment, the inclusion of our patients working in the public sector in the favorable regulation of full retirement with 15 years of work was discussed, which until now only applies to our patients working in the private sector. The representatives of the Ministry of Labour assured that the favourable pension arrangement for our patients will be included in the next bill.

Our meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Labour has been renewed, and we will keep you informed of any news.