Home delivery of high-cost EOPYYF drugs in Cystic Fibrosis started

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Home delivery of high-cost EOPYYF drugs in Cystic Fibrosis started HCFA TEAM March 27, 2024

Home delivery of high-cost EOPYYF drugs in Cystic Fibrosis started

The home delivery of High Cost Medicines (HCM) for patients with Cystic Fibrosis started on a priority basis from EOPYY pharmacies, after continuous communication and cooperation between our Association and EOPYY to control the smooth start of the new service. Home delivery will contribute substantially to reducing the inconvenience of Cystic Fibrosis patients and their caregivers, the frequent trips to EOPYY pharmacies and the long waiting time in pharmacy queues. See the EOPYY announcement here .

Steps to activate home delivery  of medicines

1. The patient must be over 18 years of age and have activated intangible prescription. The patient informs the attending physician that he/she wishes to send the medicine home and the physician selects the relevant “home delivery” field during the intangible prescription. 

2.  After receiving the prescription, the patient visits the EOPYY website https://fyk.eopyy.gov.gr/  to provide the necessary consents and the necessary information for the shipment (e.g. shipping address, details of the person who will receive the medicine, etc.). On the above website the patient εselects “Login via taxisnet”. Then, after filling in his/her AMKA and VAT number, he/she selects the “Send at home” icon. He fills in the number of his prescription and completes the procedure following the detailed instructions in the EOPYY manual here .

3. Once the patient’s request is finalised, the prescription is bound and can now only be filled via the relevant application. In the case of a repeat prescription, the procedure is repeated every month by the patient.

4. The receipt of the medicine is done through a confirmation pin sent electronically to the patient by the courier company. The delivery time of the medicine is 2-5 working days from the date of execution of the prescription, taking into account exceptional circumstances (weather conditions, schedules, holidays, strikes, inaccessible areas, etc.).

5. The beneficiary can monitor the dispatch of the medicine online. For any questions, the beneficiary can contact EOPYY via e-mail at fyk@eopyy.gov.gr

* We remind you that the new service is being piloted initially for adult patients with Cystic Fibrosis for the drugs included in the relevant Ministerial Decision (Government Gazette B 823/2024): Kaftrio (elexacaftor,tezacaftor,ivacaftor), Kalydeco (ivacaftor), Orkambi (lumacaftor, ivacaftor), Colobreathe (Colistimethate sodium), Quinsair (Levofloxacin hemihydrate) . In the next phase, the possibility will be added for underage patients through their parents, and at a later stage cold chain medicines are expected to be added.