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Annual General Assembly 2024 HCFA TEAM June 2, 2024

Annual General Assembly 2024

Dear HCFA members,

The Annual General Meeting of the Panhellenic Cystic Fibrosis Association will be held online via zoom on Tuesday 18 June 2024, at 19.00 pm. At the meeting we will have the opportunity to present the activities and work of our Association, our plans for the future and many interesting issues that concern all patients and carers.

According to the Statutes of the Association, members have renewed their memnership for 2024 are able to participate in the General Assembly. To pay the annual membership fee of 25€ press

Those members who have changed their contact details (email, phone, etc.) or have not received the invitation of the General Assembly in their email, will need to update their details. here or send an email at so that they can receive the invitation with more information, such as detailed instructions for participation, agenda items, etc.

* In case of non-quorum on 18/6, the General Assembly will be held automatically without quorum, one week later, on Tuesday 25 June at 19.00 p.m.